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To begin with, I am an acne sufferer.
I have been dealing with acne for ages with
countless of acne treatment products.
So I was introduced to a botanical-based skincare, Mary Kay
and this is the latest skincare I am trying.
I hope this skincare line can end my acne problems soon.

So, this page is to record my Mary Kay journey to healthy skin
along with other beauty products I am using.

I officially started to use MK on 27 April 2017

Please refer to the links below to know my captured journey in using the products.

7) Washing face without any facial cleanser   27 July 2017
10) My MARY KAY healing crisis and what I do to heal faster   27 August 2017

Monthiversary of using Mary Kay
1) ONE month  27 May 2017
2) TWO months 27 June 2017
3) THREE months 27July 2017
4) FOUR months 27 August 2017
5) FIVE months 27 September 2017

Mary Kay Product Review:
2) Mary Kay Deo Body Spritzer
3) Mary Kay Complexion Corrector cream sunscreen Spf15 (very light)
4) Mary Kay Timewise matte-wear liquid foundation (Ivory 5)
5) Mary Kay Oil-free eye makeup remover
6) Mary Kay Gel semi-matte lipstick (Rich Truffle)
7) Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder + compact mini + two sponges
8) Mary Kay mineral cheek color duo (juicy guava)
9) Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanser Formula 1
10) Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanser Formula 2
11) Mary Kay Botanical Effects Freshen Formula 2
12) Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask Formula 3
13) Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

Other products from other brands:
1) OXY 5% Benzoyl Peroxide
2) Lipstick Collagen D'Herbs
3) Johnson's baby lotion milk+rice
4) Johnson's baby milk bath
5) The Body Shop Shower Gel Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Satsuma

Health and Beauty Routine:
1) Homemade Lip Scrub (Honey and sugar)
2) Homemade Acne treatment gel (Honey and Ceylon cinnamon powder)
3) Homemade Lip Scrub (Olive oil and sugar)

Food Supplement

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